Our story

Casa Buena Vista is owned and managed by Mick and Caroline Wegg, who moved to Santa Maria de Nieva in September 2007 after seven years of lovingly renovating the house.

Once a large family home where generation after generation grew up, the building fell into decline as the modern youngsters moved away to pursue the bright lights of the big cities. Taking over the property in 2000, Mick and Caroline began a labour of love to turn the dilapidated building into a family home once more.

This ambition was driven by a lifelong dream to spend their retirement in a traditional Spanish village – where life would be peaceful – and the sun would shine all year round (well, ok, almost all year!)

Having realised their dream, Mick and Caroline originally opened Casa Buena Vista to friends and family, and have since extended this invitation to likeminded people who want to experience more from the world.

With the main area of the house home to Mick and Caroline, Casa Buena Vista offers self contained and self catering accommodation, available for let all year round.